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Custom Designed Equipment to Solve your Effluent Treatment Problems


Turnstone Danks Filter Press End View
Having uncompressed liquid effluent or watery sludge transported to off site treatment facilities is just not cost effective. Our units will start paying for themselves from day one, converting 1000 litres of sludge into a mere 20 litres of filter cake.
Our low maintenance filter presses require minimal skills for optimum operation and are suited to harsh operating environments.
They're available in a range of sizes to suit every need, and in addition we have expandable models designed to keep pace with the growth of your operations.
Right now we have more than 40 of these sturdy presses working at factories across South Africa and in Namibia. We'll be pleased to put you in touch with our many satisfied clients who we know will attest to the build quality and efficacy of our machines.
Filter presses are used in many industries  including Electroplating, Phosphating, Hot Dip Galvanizing, Paint, Pulp and Paper, Agricultural Processing, Clothing Manufacture, Pottery and Ceramics and Mining.


Turnstone Danks Custom Built Compact Effluent Treatment Unit
We specialise in building compact affordable effluent treatment units tailor made to your requirements. Our plants are designed to ensure that you are able to comply with discharge legislation - no more, and no less. You won't pay for features that you don't need. We work with local authorities to guarantee your peace of mind.
As with our filter press range, our focus is on rugged construction and ease of operation. Above all, we want to make it possible for you to be comfortable that you are doing the right thing in regard to your effluent treatment without stretching finances.
At Turnstone Danks we are particularly mindful that many smaller owner managed businesses want to operate in full legal compliance, and treat effluent responsibly, but have to work within rigid financial constraints. We welcome your enquiries.
Let us show you that you can afford a functional, efficient, effluent treatment facility for your electroplating, phosphating, e-coating or hot dip galvanizing plant.
Turnstone Danks Complete Metal Finishing Effluent Treatment Plant

Photo showing an example of a TD Filtration waste water treatment plant incorporating a settlement cone for precipitation of solids from metal finishing effluent.

This system was designed for a metal finishing operation to meet their precise requirements within a conserative budget.
The facility is working efficiently, and requires very little attention from the management, leaving them free to get on with what they do best.
Perhaps your problems can be solved using a similar design? Let us help you! We look forward to any challenge. Call today!


Oil Skimmer manufactured by Turnstone Danks


These units will remove your floating oil and can work in any of your tanks in line thanks to a unique clamping system that allows for easy over the side installation.
Particularly suited for use in hot soak cleaning tanks in commercial jobbing shops where, depending on the cleaner formulation, copious amounts of oil can float to the surface. If unchecked this leads to components being drawn out through a film of floating oil and re-depositing on the work.
These easily installed units use low pressure air to move usable grey water between different tanks saving valuable water and reducing effluent flow.
Air lift pumps can be used in any aqueous solution being of all plastic construction with no moving parts.
Effluent treatment plant and equipment from Turnstone Danks is designed and manufactured in South Africa especially for our local conditions.