Filter Presses and Effluent Treatment Equipment for the Electroplating Industry

Custom Modular Effluent Treatment Plant
Custom Modular Effluent Treatment Plant
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Do talk to Turnstone Danks about affordable solutions to your effluent treatment and sludge problems.
In addition to our filter press range, we also offer other innovative equipment such as tank oil skimmers and airlift pumps to enhance your waste treatment effectiveness.


Turnstone Danks Filtration is an independent company specialising in effluent treatment plants for the metal finishing industry including anodisers, powder coaters and electroplaters. The owner, John Danks, has decades of experience in all facets of the electroplating industry.

Our no frills approach positions us to recommend a choice of  proven solutions to manage your wastewater effectively at the lowest possible cost.

The Turnstone Danks filter presses have been used by the industry for the last fifteen years. Their simple, robust design is ideal for companies who wish to concentrate on their core business and not have to worry about their filter press operations.

At your request, we will be pleased to conduct a survey of your installation and make recommendations to reduce water flows and possibly implement more economical procedures.
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Don't risk crippling fines that can put you out of business by disposing of effluent illegally in sewers or storm water drains!
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Don't pay hefty bills to have watery sludge or liquid effluent carted away!
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